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Friday, May 27, 2011

Trump: Two Cent Writer, Failed Candidate, But A Carousel Success. Obama’s Still Laughing.

You’ve heard of the expression, “your two cents’ worth”.  Trump will earn rather more than two cents by writing a book for conservative imprint, Regnery Publishing, on restoring American greatness. The gushing press release unsurprisingly made no mention of Trump’s previous foray into political policy books, “The America We Deserve” published in 2000.
In that book, he expounds several ideas belonging more to the leftwing of the Democratic Party than the GOP. For example, he had a plan to impose a one-time 14.25% tax on individuals whose net worth exceeds $10 million. Fun reading for the Tea Party, I'm sure.  
The hypocrite’s book is out of print, but you can buy it on Amazon for two cents. Really, a used copy for two cents plus p&p of course. If you ever were bored enough to want more of Trump’s two cents’ worth, you only have to pay two cents for the privilege.
Trump won’t let go. He’ll milk his campaign for his forthcoming book, I mean his fake nomination campaign for all its worth. He told Fox that he might join the race for the Republican nomination if the candidates are too weak.
He said, "Stranger things have happened”.
(Although that could be challenged.)  
"I would not rule it out, no."
Thanks Don.
Please don’t tease the media anymore.
The Donald said that the candidates who have so far announced their intention to win the GOP nomination for presidential candidate would not be able to beat Obama. Trump did think that Huckabee could’ve won, but of course The Mick has quit. Hey, both these guys are cowards. They’ve deprived us of much-needed entertainment. Comedians and late night hosts should be suing Trump for loss of income.
The Trumpeter will be looking after his own income through contracting with New York City to run the Central Park Carousel. Under the ten-year deal, he pays the City of New York Department of Parks and Recreation a total of $2.75 million over the period.
By all accounts, his temporary management of the carousel has been a success. In the Eighties, he did something very similar in rehabilitating Wollman Rink. In the case of the carousel, the previous operator had left it a “filthy, decrepit hovel” according to the New York Daily News.
(Let’s draw a curtain across the details of the hovel conditions, which are far too unsavory for the fine sensibilities of this respectable blog – at least when it comes to people other than Trump. However, no holds barred for any dubious activities by Trump.)
In another bit of irony, the owner of New York One - the previous carousel operator – namely  Thomas Makkos had some years ago jointly with his wife combined two apartments on the 55th floor of the Trump Tower condominiums on Fifth Ave, spending $5 million for the privilege.
Something is going right for Trumpo and it is sweetly ironic that this success is a carousel, after President Barry Obama called him a carnival barker. Say what you like about cautious Barry – that man has superior judgement.
Following his successful turn at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Barry is not keeping the jokes on hold. During the President’s visit to a school in London, someone suggested finding an investor for the winning design project that Barry was examining.  Obama responded, “Donald Trump? I have some connection with him.”
Oh, how we laughed.  Or was Cameron laughing at his favourite Bin Laden joke?
How’s your hiding place?
On a scale of Ann Frank to Osama Bin Laden.)

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