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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trump ‘Abducted By Aliens ’; Boeing Bargain; Saudi ‘Friends’

In his muddled speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington last Friday, Trump at one stage went into an attack on Saudi Arabia for inciting the NATO campaign in support of the Libyan rebels. (This is not a correct reading of the politics, but never mind ...)
In mid-sentence, Trump appeared suddenly to realize that he was attacking his customers and quickly interrupted himself to say, “by the way, I have many friends in Saudi Arabia. They buy apartments from me all the time. I like them. They’re nice people. ”
What in this speech is more nauseating? His sycophancy or his hypocrisy?
Last night, Katie Couric told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that Donald Trump “can be a very, very nice person with a good heart. But I think he was just acting like a jackass for a while . . . It’s as if he was abducted by aliens temporarily.”
Recently, Trumpeter bought a Boeing 757 private jet from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for a tidy $100 million. Even billionaires buy used. Allen had bought from a Mexican airline who in turn had acquired it from a Danish operator which first flew it in 1991. So, very much a used jet.
The 757 is a substantial upgrade from the much smaller Boeing 727 that The Donald previously used.  Forbes reports that the market for used private jets is suffering from weak demand. Nowadays, used private planes cost half of the 2007 level.
So, possibly Trumpster has acquired a bargain, leaving enough change to refashion the interior of the jet to his taste.
The Donald’s PR machine showed the plane off to The New York Post.  The plane as delivered to Trump apparently seats 43 persons in plush comfort.  That compares with the 230 that it would seat in an all-economy configuration as a commercial passenger jet.
As you’d expect, the plane now has suede-covered ceilings and much gold leaf in several areas including, of course, the bathroom.
Captain John Dunkin, one of the two pilots, told the Post mentioned that the plane is equipped with a 52 inch TV with a thousand pre-programmed movies.
Naturally, our favourite buffoon continues to say that he may yet join the nomination race. We can note that the Boeing 757 is indeed a presidential jet. Obama and Bush used the same model in their presidential campaigns.

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