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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trump: Pepperoni With Palin; Ryan “Death Wish”; Never Give Up?

Donald Trump still appears delighted with the media attention he attracted for his fake presidential nomination campaign (even though his brand has suffered).
He has continued titillate the media with claims that he may yet decide to compete in 2012 as an independent.
Trumpo met with Sarah Palin on Tuesday night for a pizza dinner in Times Square. (The PR angle is that they split a pepperoni pizza.) The Trumper claimed that Palin urged him to run. She certainly is not going to confirm that lie.
Instead, she made predictably meaningless comments about how she values Trump’s “independence “  and that she and The Donald share a "love for this country and a desire to see our economy put back on the right track."
No word on how many publicists were employed for that drivel. But it does confirm that this certainly was not a true summit meeting of our favourite Republican spoilers.
What they do share is a love of quitting. Palin did not complete her term as governor of Alaska. Trump quit the 2012 GOP nomination race before it had even started. Makes you wonder about his book published in 2008. I believe the title was “Trump - Never Give Up. How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success”
 Yesterday Trump told ‘Fox and Friends’ that Paul Ryan’s budget plan could be a "death wish" in 2012. To bolster his case, he referred to last week’s congressional election in upstate New York, where a Democrat beat a Republican in a very, very solidly Republican seat. The upset was widely ascribed to the Republican candidate having supported the Ryan proposal to replace the present Medicare system with a voucher system.
That was Trump’s analysis. He told Gretchen Carlson that Ryan’s “plan caused a loss in an area that never loses for a Republican, you know that, in upstate New York.  An impossible loss.”
However, it is also true that a Tea Party candidate split the potential Republican vote, allowing the Democrat to win the seat. That is much the same as would happen in 2012 if Trump runs as an independent.  But let’s not spoil Trump’s story with facts.

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