Every day is a bad hair day for The Donald

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trump Delays Billion Dollar Development

Donald Trump, renowned as a property magnate, a failed politician and a world-class bully, today flew out of Scotland in his $100 million private Boeing 757 after visiting his proposed billion-dollar golf development. He announced that the golf course near Aberdeen would open in July 2012, but admitted that the full luxury development may not proceed.
Donald Trump In Scotland, "The market has crashed" 
He answered a question as to where on the sprawling 1,400 acre site he would locate parts of the development, by asking, “Where's the market?"
Trump went on to add,
"When I originally bought this site, the market was perceived as being very good. The world has taken lots of turns and twists... everything we do is dependent on market conditions."

The Donald’s five-year quest for planning approval of the proposed development was met with determined opposition by local residents and environmentalists and was rejected by local councillors.
The Scottish Wildlife Trust has said the development will destroy the area's natural ecosystem. With characteristic bluster, Trump has responded by saying - without any evidence – that the development will benefit the environment.
He has been bullying neighbors of the new development, including a fisherman whose property Trump referred to as "disgusting". Trump has made various legal threats against the neighbors.
However, the Scottish government intervened in 2007 and approved the project.
His admission that the development is not currently viable is little short of stunning after having boasted that he would create the "world's greatest golf resort".  The resort plans included hotel, homes, holiday apartments and a golf academy.
The Trumpster is a golfer who claims a handicap of four, although we’d rather trust an externally verified number. However, we can confirm that he owns four golf courses. Do you think he’s a touch confused between these numbers?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Award Criticises Trump's Belligerence

Our Donald had two birthday presents on June 14 when he turned 65 years of age.
The documentary, You've Been Trumped, won the Green Award at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival. The festival judges said of the movie about Trump’s billion-dollar golf course complex:
"We hope that this award will raise awareness and hold Donald Trump to account for his environmental and social belligerence, and expose the corruption and incompetence at the heart of the Scottish authorities which let this destruction go ahead."
The judges were referring to the golf development being located in an environmentally sensitive area.
The film will now receive a wider release in Scotland.
On Fox on The Donald’s birthday, Sean Hannity gifted the Trump by saying in an interview with our Trumpeter that “Donald Trump was at one time the leading candidate to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012.”
With a hypester like that, Donald didn’t need to blow his own trumpet.
Trump went on to tell us again one of the true reasons that he gave up his presidential nomination campaign:
 “It is really cool to have a hit show.  And I have Comcast and NBC calling me, please Donald, please, we want you, we love you, we love you. So, I had to make a decision. “
Trump then repeated his recent pronouncements that if the Republicans choose a weak candidate (“a loser”) then he may run as an independent.
Hannity asked him whether Trump worried that he would split the anti-Obama vote.
As Trump’s ego knows no bounds, he replied:
“I would win or Obama would win. I don't think the Republican could win.”
Have you ever heard of avoiding the question through reasons of ego?

A clip about the movie including interview of the director, Anthony Baxter.

The trailer for You've Been Trumped.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trump A Bully In Scotland

Last Friday, the documentary You’ve Been Trumped made its British debut at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival.
The film’s director says that Donald Trump "bullied" and "victimised" residents of a small town in Scotland.

Donald Trump The Bully (Hair On The Collar Tries To Crawl Away!)

Trump is building a billion dollar golf course development in what has been termed an environmentally sensitive area.
The development includes a 450-room hotel, 950 apartments and a further 500 homes as well as a championship-level golf course.
The festival blurb mentioned that Trump was “running roughshod over the area’s long-term residents – and filmmaker Antony Baxter when he tries to investigate the story.”
The director was even detained by the police during the making of the movie, but ultimately he was not charged.
Baxter said, "I feel the truth has not been told to the people of Scotland or the people of the wider world."
Baxter has additionally made some extravagant claims that the movie was a factor in Trump abandoning his fake campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.
He said, “Mr. Trump realized he would be under severe scrutiny if he actually ran for president, and our film had become part of that dialogue.
Naturally, Donald Trump says the complex will be "world's greatest golf resort".  
Last year, despite significant opposition, our Trumpster was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Business Administration degree from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.
Hmm, could it be that callow commercial considerations dictated Donald’s degree? (That is terrible alliteration, I apologise.)
As a protest, a former principal of the university gave back to Robert Gordon his own honorary degree.
Trump International described Anthony Baxter as "a fraud" without “credibility”, “professionalism and integrity” and called the movie “a poor attempt at making money off the Trump name.”
Next month, the documentary will be screened in Manhattan at the IFC Center.
The name of the series in which it will be shown?
‘Stranger Than Fiction’!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trump ‘Abducted By Aliens ’; Boeing Bargain; Saudi ‘Friends’

In his muddled speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington last Friday, Trump at one stage went into an attack on Saudi Arabia for inciting the NATO campaign in support of the Libyan rebels. (This is not a correct reading of the politics, but never mind ...)
In mid-sentence, Trump appeared suddenly to realize that he was attacking his customers and quickly interrupted himself to say, “by the way, I have many friends in Saudi Arabia. They buy apartments from me all the time. I like them. They’re nice people. ”
What in this speech is more nauseating? His sycophancy or his hypocrisy?
Last night, Katie Couric told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show that Donald Trump “can be a very, very nice person with a good heart. But I think he was just acting like a jackass for a while . . . It’s as if he was abducted by aliens temporarily.”
Recently, Trumpeter bought a Boeing 757 private jet from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen for a tidy $100 million. Even billionaires buy used. Allen had bought from a Mexican airline who in turn had acquired it from a Danish operator which first flew it in 1991. So, very much a used jet.
The 757 is a substantial upgrade from the much smaller Boeing 727 that The Donald previously used.  Forbes reports that the market for used private jets is suffering from weak demand. Nowadays, used private planes cost half of the 2007 level.
So, possibly Trumpster has acquired a bargain, leaving enough change to refashion the interior of the jet to his taste.
The Donald’s PR machine showed the plane off to The New York Post.  The plane as delivered to Trump apparently seats 43 persons in plush comfort.  That compares with the 230 that it would seat in an all-economy configuration as a commercial passenger jet.
As you’d expect, the plane now has suede-covered ceilings and much gold leaf in several areas including, of course, the bathroom.
Captain John Dunkin, one of the two pilots, told the Post mentioned that the plane is equipped with a 52 inch TV with a thousand pre-programmed movies.
Naturally, our favourite buffoon continues to say that he may yet join the nomination race. We can note that the Boeing 757 is indeed a presidential jet. Obama and Bush used the same model in their presidential campaigns.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Trump: Pepperoni With Palin; Ryan “Death Wish”; Never Give Up?

Donald Trump still appears delighted with the media attention he attracted for his fake presidential nomination campaign (even though his brand has suffered).
He has continued titillate the media with claims that he may yet decide to compete in 2012 as an independent.
Trumpo met with Sarah Palin on Tuesday night for a pizza dinner in Times Square. (The PR angle is that they split a pepperoni pizza.) The Trumper claimed that Palin urged him to run. She certainly is not going to confirm that lie.
Instead, she made predictably meaningless comments about how she values Trump’s “independence “  and that she and The Donald share a "love for this country and a desire to see our economy put back on the right track."
No word on how many publicists were employed for that drivel. But it does confirm that this certainly was not a true summit meeting of our favourite Republican spoilers.
What they do share is a love of quitting. Palin did not complete her term as governor of Alaska. Trump quit the 2012 GOP nomination race before it had even started. Makes you wonder about his book published in 2008. I believe the title was “Trump - Never Give Up. How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success”
 Yesterday Trump told ‘Fox and Friends’ that Paul Ryan’s budget plan could be a "death wish" in 2012. To bolster his case, he referred to last week’s congressional election in upstate New York, where a Democrat beat a Republican in a very, very solidly Republican seat. The upset was widely ascribed to the Republican candidate having supported the Ryan proposal to replace the present Medicare system with a voucher system.
That was Trump’s analysis. He told Gretchen Carlson that Ryan’s “plan caused a loss in an area that never loses for a Republican, you know that, in upstate New York.  An impossible loss.”
However, it is also true that a Tea Party candidate split the potential Republican vote, allowing the Democrat to win the seat. That is much the same as would happen in 2012 if Trump runs as an independent.  But let’s not spoil Trump’s story with facts.