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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trump Bullies Elderly Widow And Loses

We’ve noted that Donald Trump is a disgraceful bully, subjecting his victims to verbal abuse and legal threats with complete impunity. This arrogant and entitled attitude has had little apparent impact on his personal brand as it has been mostly under-reported by the media.
With Trump’s fake campaign, in which he pretended to compete for the nomination for Republican presidential candidate, the level of scrutiny  increased considerably.
Trump’s arrogance in Scotland in attempting to develop a golf complex in an ecologically sensitive area in Scotland was highly publicized and became the subject of an award-winning film.
Donald Trump Hair Flying and Yelling
Donald Trump Yelling

Hopefully, more people will now come to understand Trump as a swaggering bully who has no concern for ordinary citizens.

Billionaire Bully Trump Defeated by Vera Coking 

In the Nineties, Donald Trump attempted to seize an elderly widow’s home. He attempted this detestable action supported by the full legal power of the State of New Jersey.
To understand this bizarre situation, we need to explain briefly the legal process known as ‘eminent domain’. This is a provision within the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution whereby the state can seize private property for ‘public use’. Compensation is paid, but the state can take the property without any consent by the owner.
In 1993, Trump wanted land adjacent to the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.
One of the lots he wanted to buy belonged to an elderly widow, Vera Coking, who had been living in her small home for 35 years. Ten years previously, Bob Guccione (publisher of Penthouse) had offered her a million dollars for her house. She had refused to sell to him and, in 1993, refused to sell to Donald Trump.
Trump then persuaded a state agency, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, to use its statutory powers of eminent domain to seize the widow’s property. The amount of compensation was determined as $251,000. That would have been a quarter of what Guccione had been offering her some ten years earlier.
The state agency would then on-sell the property to Trump for his development.
What ‘public use’ would Vera Coking’s home serve?  Taking land to build a school or a road would be a true ‘public use’.
However, in this case, alleged billionaire Donald Trump would use it as a limousine parking lot for his casino customers.  Not what you and I would call a true ‘public use’.
And he would have done so at a fraction of the established market value.

A public-interest law firm, The Institute for Justice, took Ms. Coking’s case and that of two other affected landowners, involving a family-owned Italian restaurant and a jewelry store.

Here, the little people won!
Judge Richard Williams ruled that“ the primary interest served here is a private rather than a public one and as such the actions cannot be justified under the law.”

Donald Trump Unhappy
Donald Trump Beaten