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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trump A Bully In Scotland

Last Friday, the documentary You’ve Been Trumped made its British debut at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival.
The film’s director says that Donald Trump "bullied" and "victimised" residents of a small town in Scotland.

Donald Trump The Bully (Hair On The Collar Tries To Crawl Away!)

Trump is building a billion dollar golf course development in what has been termed an environmentally sensitive area.
The development includes a 450-room hotel, 950 apartments and a further 500 homes as well as a championship-level golf course.
The festival blurb mentioned that Trump was “running roughshod over the area’s long-term residents – and filmmaker Antony Baxter when he tries to investigate the story.”
The director was even detained by the police during the making of the movie, but ultimately he was not charged.
Baxter said, "I feel the truth has not been told to the people of Scotland or the people of the wider world."
Baxter has additionally made some extravagant claims that the movie was a factor in Trump abandoning his fake campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.
He said, “Mr. Trump realized he would be under severe scrutiny if he actually ran for president, and our film had become part of that dialogue.
Naturally, Donald Trump says the complex will be "world's greatest golf resort".  
Last year, despite significant opposition, our Trumpster was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Business Administration degree from Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen.
Hmm, could it be that callow commercial considerations dictated Donald’s degree? (That is terrible alliteration, I apologise.)
As a protest, a former principal of the university gave back to Robert Gordon his own honorary degree.
Trump International described Anthony Baxter as "a fraud" without “credibility”, “professionalism and integrity” and called the movie “a poor attempt at making money off the Trump name.”
Next month, the documentary will be screened in Manhattan at the IFC Center.
The name of the series in which it will be shown?
‘Stranger Than Fiction’!

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