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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Award Criticises Trump's Belligerence

Our Donald had two birthday presents on June 14 when he turned 65 years of age.
The documentary, You've Been Trumped, won the Green Award at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival. The festival judges said of the movie about Trump’s billion-dollar golf course complex:
"We hope that this award will raise awareness and hold Donald Trump to account for his environmental and social belligerence, and expose the corruption and incompetence at the heart of the Scottish authorities which let this destruction go ahead."
The judges were referring to the golf development being located in an environmentally sensitive area.
The film will now receive a wider release in Scotland.
On Fox on The Donald’s birthday, Sean Hannity gifted the Trump by saying in an interview with our Trumpeter that “Donald Trump was at one time the leading candidate to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012.”
With a hypester like that, Donald didn’t need to blow his own trumpet.
Trump went on to tell us again one of the true reasons that he gave up his presidential nomination campaign:
 “It is really cool to have a hit show.  And I have Comcast and NBC calling me, please Donald, please, we want you, we love you, we love you. So, I had to make a decision. “
Trump then repeated his recent pronouncements that if the Republicans choose a weak candidate (“a loser”) then he may run as an independent.
Hannity asked him whether Trump worried that he would split the anti-Obama vote.
As Trump’s ego knows no bounds, he replied:
“I would win or Obama would win. I don't think the Republican could win.”
Have you ever heard of avoiding the question through reasons of ego?

A clip about the movie including interview of the director, Anthony Baxter.

The trailer for You've Been Trumped.

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