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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Trump Delays Billion Dollar Development

Donald Trump, renowned as a property magnate, a failed politician and a world-class bully, today flew out of Scotland in his $100 million private Boeing 757 after visiting his proposed billion-dollar golf development. He announced that the golf course near Aberdeen would open in July 2012, but admitted that the full luxury development may not proceed.
Donald Trump In Scotland, "The market has crashed" 
He answered a question as to where on the sprawling 1,400 acre site he would locate parts of the development, by asking, “Where's the market?"
Trump went on to add,
"When I originally bought this site, the market was perceived as being very good. The world has taken lots of turns and twists... everything we do is dependent on market conditions."

The Donald’s five-year quest for planning approval of the proposed development was met with determined opposition by local residents and environmentalists and was rejected by local councillors.
The Scottish Wildlife Trust has said the development will destroy the area's natural ecosystem. With characteristic bluster, Trump has responded by saying - without any evidence – that the development will benefit the environment.
He has been bullying neighbors of the new development, including a fisherman whose property Trump referred to as "disgusting". Trump has made various legal threats against the neighbors.
However, the Scottish government intervened in 2007 and approved the project.
His admission that the development is not currently viable is little short of stunning after having boasted that he would create the "world's greatest golf resort".  The resort plans included hotel, homes, holiday apartments and a golf academy.
The Trumpster is a golfer who claims a handicap of four, although we’d rather trust an externally verified number. However, we can confirm that he owns four golf courses. Do you think he’s a touch confused between these numbers?

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