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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Donald's Extra Gift For The Dems

Now just suppose Trump's will really try and secure the Republican 2012 presidential nomination and is not just hyping to increase The Celebrity Apprentice ratings.

Sure, that's far-fetched, but let's just fantasize. The Republican establishment will try and crush the nom. If they fail, Trump runs for president without even a tiny chance of winning. Obama then walks the race in 2012, winning say 56% to Trump's 43% or so. A landslide by modern standards. A gift for the Democratic party.

But if the Republican succeed in ensuring that Trump is not nominated, there's a even bigger gift for the Dems. Trump claims he will run as an independent if he doesn't secure the Republican nomination. That's an even bigger gift for the Dems in splitting the Republican vote.

Trump as Ross Perot - oh, bring it on.

(To recap that history, Perot split the vote in 1992, electing Clinton. He tried to repeat the favour in 1996, although his contribution that year was irrelevant as Clinton slightly out-polled Dole and Perot combined.)

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